Holiday Shopping: How to maximize your budget and time on Black Friday

Hey Beautiful,

It is that time of year once more. I bet right now you're stressing over who to buy gifts for, your budget and what exactly you are going to buy for everyone. Now if you're anything like me, you are a perfectionist. You want to buy everyone on your list THE perfect gift. Being a perfectionist leads to procrastination, which leads to you bleeding your holiday budget on Starbucks, which in turn leads to you missing out on the best deals of the season and spending more money then you really needed to. My head is spinning just thinking about it! Seriously, I'm scared for myself and my bank account right now. So, how in the actual heck do you get around all of these obstacles? I say; divide and conquer, Queen...or King. What do I mean by that? Let's dissect. 

First what you need to do is make LISTS! Yes, plural. You need a list of people you are actually going to buy for. Then you need a list of who might potentially buy for you and let's face it, standing there with out a gift for someone who thought of you is a little embarrassing. Then Prioritize those lists! Who is it most important for you to buy for? Of course it's going to be the people closets to you: Mom, dad, siblings,  BFF from high school who is now your business partner, significant other, etc. After that, set a budget for each and every person on the list. You know you're not going to spend the same amount of money on your second cousin Maddie who you only see once a year than your parents. Start with a total dollar amount that yu want to spend. For instance, $1,000 when everything is said and done. Next, divide that into your prioritized list. Maybe your significant other gets the largest amount, $200 and then go down from there. 

Ok, so you have the budget side down, now what do you get everyone? The easiest and best way I have found to select gifts are by figuring out 1. What they need and 2. What they want. Now, you know your boyfriend/husband/fiance has been wearing the same underpants since 1999. He needs that first! You're probably thinking 'ok, cool I know what he needs, but I don't know what he wants.' Yes you do! Your man loves golfing, he wants a round. He is into working out and fitness, I bet he's out of protein shake mix and pre-work out. Do not dwell on it not being the perfect gift. It's perfect because you calculated your budget and fit things in there that he likes and needs. Your cousin Maddie who you only see once per year, she just went on a trip to Costa Rica and is planning another trip somewhere soon, she needs a travel bag for all of her TSA approved toiletries. YOU GOT THIS. 

All of the easy stuff is done now. You made your priority list, your budget list and your items to buy list. What now? Now, it's Black Friday or Cyber Monday and you need to execute your gift giving plan! If you're going out to stores on BF or small business Saturday, make a list of places to go according to the best deals that are happening when they are happening. Phew, that was a mouth full. "What do you mean?" you ask. Some stores have their best deals happening at specific times. Macy's might have 75% off everything from 12am-1am and The Container store might have 45% off all glassware from 2am-3am. That means, you need to go to Macy's first.  If you are going to do you shopping online, you need to download apps like Honey or Rakuten which pay you to shop or find you the best offers by scanning the web for codes and discounts. That's it, your have slayed the gift giving game and now you can do it with confidence that you will save money and time this year!

Do you feel ready? I do! Good Luck and happy shopping!


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    Great advice. I love lists. I love the way you write

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