How to Develop a Morning and Nighttime Routine.

First things first, I prefer the terms "morning ritual" and "nighttime ritual". "Routine" to me sounds so mundane and boring, and I already don't want to do it. "Ritual" implies something holy and sacred. There is an etherial quality to it that makes it more appealing. Ok, now that we've made the act sound more exciting, how do you develop a morning or nighttime ritual? Well, first of all it has to be customized to your lifestyle, needs and interests. What I mean by that is, if you have to wake up at 4am to make it to work by 5am, you probably should wait until you get out of work to do some of the things that take more time, like going to the gym. You want these things to put you on a loving vibration so that you can live more freely and happier. Doing something everyday that puts you in the right mindset to achieve all of your goals is well...the goal. The whole purpose of a morning and nighttime ritual is to achieve something. That might be a healthier body or mind, manifesting your dream life, improving a relationship or just feeling happier over all. 

Start by determining what time you need to be in work or what time your kids wake up to start their days. Next, determine what things are important for you to accomplish before you head to work that will kickstart your day. For instance, I know that I will not go to the gym at night because I am to exhausted from work and most nights I don't get home until after 9pm. Also, going to the gym is important to me since regular exercise has so many mental and physical health benefits. I encourage everyone to exercise even if its a 30 minute walk around your neighborhood, provided it's safe. Meditation is really important as it helps lower stress and helps in manifesting the life you want to live. I encourage you to do this daily for at least five minutes a day. You can find some really great guided meditations on Youtube if you don't know how or have never done it before. I love 'Rising Higher Meditation'. Here is a link to a manifestation meditation, it's kinda long, but its a good one!

If you don't know what manifesting is, go to Netflix and watch The Secret by Rhonda Byrn. Moving on...

Taking care of my skin is also really important to me, hence Ritual Beauty :D I also need to take time to drink a delicious cup of coffee, don't judge me, we all have a guilty pleasure. 

So, timing is everything. We do not want to create a stressful situation because you didn't give yourself enough time and now you're late for work or the kids are going to miss their bus. Determine how much time each step will take. For me it looks something like this;

  • Coffee-1/2 hr  
  • getting ready for gym-15minutes
  • driving to gym-15minutes
  • workout-1hour
  • driving home from gym-15minutes
  • shower-20minutes
  • skincare ritual 5minutes
  • Breakfast 15 minutes
  • meditation-1/2hr
  • getting ready for work-1hr (includes hair and makeup).
  • commute to work-45minutes

This all totals approximately 5 hours and some change. Therefore, I know I need at least that much time to complete my morning ritual before work. Now, I know that it seems like way to much time and like I would have to be up at 2am, but I don't have to be in work most days until 5pm. That means I can start my day at 12pm if I wanted. But, I like to do it earlier than that so I have time to work on Ritual Beauty and do some things around the house. For you, it may look different. Maybe you don't go to the gym in the morning or maybe you meditate at night. Tailor it to fit your lifestyle. 

At night, complete all the steps you didn't complete in the morning and then get ready for bed. Keep in mind timing here as well. If you're like me and want to get 8 hours of sleep, determine what time you have to wake up and work backwards from there. I get up at 7am, so 8 hours would be 11:00pm. But, that doesn't mean that I get into bed at 11:00pm. I need to give myself at least half an hour to wind down and relax myself into sleep. For me, nighttime ritual looks a little like this;

  • Turn off devices, no more checking the phone
  • Pack lunch for work the next day-15 minutes
  • skincare ritual-5 minutes (includes brushing teeth and taking out contacts). 
  • Gratitude journal-10 minutes 
  • Plan for the next day-10 minutes
  • Gaze lovingly into my boyfriends eyes until he gets creeped out-1 hour. Just kidding...kinda ;)

So in total, my nighttime ritual is approximately 40 minutes. Yours may look like this if you don't gym in the am;

  • Drive to gym after work-15 minutes
  • Workout-1hr
  • Drive home from gym-15minutes 
  • Shower-20 minutes 
  • Eat dinner -1 hour
  • Watch tv-1 hour 
  • Turn off devices and stop checking phone
  • Pack lunch for work-15 minutes 
  • Skincare ritual-5 minutes 
  • Gratitude journal (or insert other form of thanking the Universe)-10 minutes
  • Plan next day-10 minutes
  • Connect with partner before lights out-15 minutes 

Your nighttime ritual took approximately 4.75 hours, so if you wake up at 7am, your ritual needs to start around 6:15pm in order for you to get to sleep by 11:00pm. Keep in mind that the last step is done in bed, so you're winding down to get ready for sleep. On average, it takes a person 7 minutes to fall asleep. For me I think it takes longer especially because I visualize as I am falling asleep. If you don't know what or how to visualize, search Eric Ho on Youtube and watch one of his videos on visualizing. 

That is basically how you form your own morning and nighttime ritual, but it should be fixed to your preferences. I just hope that this template helps you to organize your ritual into something manageable that will eventually become a habit. I have put off figuring it out for a very long time because frankly, I didn't know where to start. Then, I decided that the way I was living was not working for me. I felt run down and stuck in a rut. I knew I needed to change if I wanted to see positve change in my life. 

Love and blessings


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