Our Story

Ritual Beauty was born of a cosmetologist who noticed her skin at 28 years old beginning to show signs of aging. Laugh lines and worry lines began to form and she knew it was time to start taking better care of her skin.

Her clients, usually around the same age were experiencing it as well. When she did their makeup, she had to use more products to smooth their skin. She thought that if there was a product for her and her clients to use ritually to help with fine lines and wrinkles, the makeup would lay better and less products would be needed. Having been in the beauty industry for a decade, she was aware that retinol is the be-all end-all ingredient for anti and preventative aging. So, she searched far and wide to find a retinol serum that was affordable, had a limited number of ingredients and was cruelty-free. She came up short. And so Ritual Beauty's debut product New Moon Retinol Serum was created. 

The New Moon represents a renewal which is exactly what New Moon Retinol Serum does. It speeds up skin-cell turn over so that your skin is always renewed and fresh. This process of skin-cell renewal is what affectively slows the aging of your skin.