Clear Quartz Candle Holder

Clear Quartz Candle Holder

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Add serenity to your beauty ritual by candle light with this beautiful quartz crystal tea-light holder. It radiates when lit, amplifying your energy and uplifting your mood.

Clear Quartz Crystals are said to amplify the power of other crystals. It is one of the most powerful crystals itself. By blocking negative energy, it will elevate your intensions. 

How to use:

There are many ways in which you can use these magnificent crystal quartz candle holders. In a beauty ritual, place a tea-light in the candle well and light it. Set the intention to heal and purify your skin. Then do your ritual as usual, making sure to feel the ambiance and the light given off by the flame inside the crystal. You will feel a sense of calm, peace and happiness for the space you created. Everyday you'll be excited to do your beauty ritual. 

Another way you can use your crystal quartz candle holder is by decorating your home with them. Whether you have a beauty altar, a religious altar or an empty space on your shelf, place a few in the area for added beauty and positive energy.